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This Spring Summer ’23, we have pushed the envelope further in embodying leather crafting techniques by drawing inspiration from geometric Islamic patterns and architecture. 
Generated from a simple zig-zag criss-crossing of lines, a unique tessellation is designed to embody the possibility of an infinite pattern that can take on any form or shape. The geometric ornamentation found on the handles and flaps create an interesting illusion and a unique perspective for the viewer. Looking closely one can find a constellation of ubiquitous shapes including a four-pointed star, a multi-sided polygon and an array of rhombuses. Faint quilting within the seams gives a 3-D effect and a soft touch. 
A colourful bright palette with shades of lime yellow and azure blue brings a contemporary twist to the collection. The pattern is intricately stitched by the craftsman on matte and textured goat-skin leather.